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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Zagats Top Inexpensive Picks

1) Pipa- Spanish Food

Location: Flatiron Area ABC Carpet & Home 38 E 19th St (between Broadway and park Ave. S)
Phone: 212-677-2233

Full of chandeliers and good sangria this restaurant and bar serves great tapas and even better service.

2) Pasha- Turkish

Location: 70 W. 71st ST ( between Columbus Ave & Central Park West)
Phone: 212- 579- 8751

While offering a great bang for your buck,  Pasha imports Turkey right to NYC.

3) La Taza de Oro- Puerto Rican

Location: 96 Eighth Ave ( between 14th & 15th Sts
Phone: 212- 243- 9946

While it does have divey decor the hispanic dishes brought to chelsea is sure to distract you. it isnt a fancy place, but a place that is sure to serve good food and let you be yourself.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some Shopping Favorites

In NYC shopping as we all know is a huge thing and one of the main reasons why a lot of travelers come to see NYC. With so many places to choose from it becomes a blur and you can sometimes miss the good places to go to. Ill name a few of the popular places and you can choose for yourself and hopefull this will make your travel to NY less complicated and hectic as far as finding good places to shop at.

Chelsea- 75 Ninth Avenue ( between 15th & 16th Street) 212-620-3116
Flatiron- 85 Fifth Avenue (16th St) 212-627-5885
SoHo- 375 W. Broadway ( between Broome & Spring Street) 212-343-7070
W 50s- Rockefeller Ctr./ 50 Rockefeller Plaza (50th St) 212-246-0386

If you are looking for a different and unique shopping experience this place is a must go. it has a flea market feeling with a retro experience.

True Religion
E 60s- 1122 Third Ave. ( betweebn 65th & 66th St) 212-288-8001
SoHo- 132 Prince St ( Wooster St) 212- 966-6011
W 60s- Shops at Coumbus Circle/ 10 Columbus Circle, 2nd fl

Described as the denim- centric from LA thatis trying to convert to NYC, is a great clothing mecca that is both urban and vintage.
  Ill put some more ideas up tomorrow!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bar 9 NYC - Bars/Nightlife

If you are looking for something a little different and arent afraid to try something different i would suggest Bar 9. Theres a very party yet chill like feeling to this bar, with the cool couches in the front to the private section in the back along with cheap yet good drinks and good service, it is worth trying out this midtown bar. They have a good happy hour menu, along with a pool table and music to go with it, by the way if youre into great nooks check out the back room along with the back bar in addition to the bar that is in the front.

          Music is loud
          Best ights to go are Wed, Thur, and Sat
          Good place for dancing
          Waiter service
          No reservations needed
          Casual attire

Mon-Thu 12 pm - 2 am
          Fri-Sat 12 pm - 4 am

            Location :   807 9th Ave ( between 53rd Street & 54th Street      212 399-9336
            Transit:       A, C, E- 50th Street
                    1, 2, A, B, C, D-59 St - Columbus Circle

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Intrepid- Sea, Air, & Space Museum Complex

Built in 1943, the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid and her crew served tours of duty throughVietnam and World War II. If you come to NY to witness history of the Unites States and its Military then this is the place you want to go. 

After an extensive two-year restoration, the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum is once again welcoming visitors to its Pier 86 location. Visitors will have a chance to explore more than 20 restored aircrafts, you can also see the Growler Submarine, The Intrepid Flight Deck, and The British Airways Concorde.

The museum is on Manhattans West side at Pier 86, at W.46th Street and 12th Avenue, you can also give them a call at 212-245-0072 or 877-957-7447.

To get ot the museum you can take the subways A, C, E, 1, 2, 3, N, Q, R, 7, or S traing to 42nd Street and walk west to 12th Avenue and north to 46th Street. You may also take the M42 west bus from 42nd Street to the Hudson River stop and walk north to the museum.

They are open from November 1st - March 31st ( Closed on Mondays) Tue - Sun 10am- 5pm, last ticket is sold one hour prior to closing and will be closed on Thanksgiving  Day and Christmas day.

  • Adults: $19.50

  • Seniors (62+):$15.50

  • Veterans: $15.50

  • College Students (w/ID): $15.50

  • Youth (6-17): $14.50

  • Child (2-5): $7.50

  • Child under 2: Free

  • Retired Military: Free
  • Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    40/40 Club

    For a very popular, up tp date club you have to go to the 40/40 Club. For the location drinks are priced reasonably around $10 per drink and they can make them good as well, there is no coverage charge and the place is filled with screen tvs! The staff is also very friendly and food is good so try it and have fun, but not too much fun.

      Owned by Hip-Hop Artist Jay-Z, this american sports-club/ lounge has a very club like feel. They offer regular reservations and V.I.P reservations for the Remy Lounge, ESPN Hall of Fame Lounge, Cognac Room, Jays Room, 40/40 New club Space, or the Soriano Lounge at 212- 832-4040. 

    They are easily located at 6 W 25th St thats right off of Broadway and 6th avenue, for subway you can take the N or the R to 23rd Street between Broadway and 5th Avenue, and walk west to the corner of 5th Avenue and 23rd Street . Then proceed towards 25th Street (Broadway and 5th Avenue merge at this point). Turn left onto Broadway walking towards 25th street . We are located on 25th street between Broadway and 6th Avenue (closer to Broadway) The 40/40 Club faces 25th Street

    Dress Code: No Sneakers, Jerseys< Construction Boots, or Hats

    Sugiyama- Japanese Restaurant

    This top notch japanese restaurant can be called, beautiful, clean, service oriented, quaint and maybe even antiquated. It is a little expensive, but worth the price 100%, the price can range from about $35-$85, but again well worth it. It is a tad bit small, but the service it spectacular. You get V.I.P treatment and never feel rushed during your dinner. It is rated as one of americas best restaurants in Zagat and deserves that reputation. The food is quite amazing to go along with the look and service of the restaurant, try the Octupus or Sashimi Plate. This fine dining experience is perfect for a first date, anniversary, valentines day, or maybe even a birthday dinner.

    This is a review from Josephine on

    "Sorry, Boston. Sorry, DC. Sorry, Philly. Sorry, other NY restaurants. Sorry, restaurants in between. Sugiyama wins in all categories.

    I experienced the 8-course kaiseki. I say experienced because it was more than just eating. It was a sublime, transcendental experience in which I achieved nirvana and came to peace with my inner foodie.

    Sakizuke: Where do I begin to describe the exquisiteness? Tiny soft shell crab. Fish-stick lollipops? How about the sweet Japanese peach, a perfect green sphere of fruit encased in a perfect white cube of wine jelly? Creative? Check. Unique? Check. Exotic? Check. Beautiful? Check."

    Located in midtown on 251 w 55th street ( 8th and broadway) (212) 956-0670

    Subway info:  Take the N, Q, R to 57th street and 7th avenue/ The B, D, E to 7th avenue/ The 1, 2 to 50th street.

    Hours: Tue-Sat 5:30 pm - 11:30 pm

    For a peak at the menu.....


    sugiyama restaurant nyc
    Served 5:30 ~ 6:30 pm & 9:00 ~ 10:30 pm
    • First ChoiceOctopus: Boiled octopus, seaweed with sweet miso mustard
      Tuna Tataki: Sliced seared tuna with our special sauce
      Salad: Mixed greens with Japanese mushrooms
    • Second Choice
      Grilled Fish: Fish of the day
      Sashimi: Assorted sashimi
      Toban: Grilled steak or seafood served on sizzling toban plate
      Shokuji: Rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles
    sugiyama restaurant nyc
    • Sakizuke: Seasonal appetizer
    • Tukuri: Assorted sashimi
    • Salad: Mixed greens with Japanese mushrooms
    • Toban: Grilled steak or seafood served on sizzling toban plate
    • Shokuji: Rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles
    • Dessert: Grape fruit wine jelly with cream
    sugiyama restaurant nyc
    • Sakizuke: Seasonal appetizer
    • Tukuri: Assorted sashimi
    • Kisetsu Kobachi: Delicate arrangement of seasonal Japanese fish and vegetable
    • Tara: Grilled Black codfish
    • Shokuji: Rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles
    • Dessert: Grape fruit wine jelly with cream
    sugiyama restaurant nyc
    • Sakizuke: Seasonal appetizer
    • Zensai: Delicate arrangement of seasonal Japanese fish and vegetable
    • Tukuri: Assorted sashimi
    • Suimono: Seasonal clear soup
    • Ishiyaki: Choice of tenderloin or seafood served on hot stone
    • Oshinogi: Oshisushi
    • Nimono: Seasonal vegetables cooked in light sauce
    • Shokuji: Home made rice with various vegetables, miso soup, and Japanese pickles
    • Dessert: Grape fruit wine jelly with cream
    sugiyama restaurant nyc
    • 6 Course Kaiseki $98
    • 6 Course Kaiseki with Wagyu $165
    • 8 Course Modern Kaiseki $136
    • 8 Course Modern Kaiseki with Wagyu $198
    • Omakase Kaiseki Seasonal price
    • Vegetarian Kaiseki* $58
      *Advanced reservation required for this course

    For more info visit

    Frames Formerly Leisure Time Bowl- Drinks/Bowling

    I have been to this place a few times and it is one of my favorites hands down. Its a bowling alley where you can also get drinks in midtown, it has a great atmosphere and there is plenty of fun to be had. with food, drinks, music and a crowd.

    They are located in the Port Authority bus station at 40th-42nd street and 8th/9th avenue, 1-212-268-6909.

    Per Game
    Hourly Lane Rental
    Monday to Friday before 5 PM $7 $50
    Monday to Friday 5-9 PM $10.50 $75
    All other times $10.50 $60
    Shoe Rental per person at all times: $6 plus tax
    Socks $5.50 plus tax

    Friday after 5pm and Saturday after 8pm we only rent lanes by the hour.
    Up to 7 persons per lane.

    They do have a restaurant and plenty of drinks so you can make it a full night out! Dress properly because they are strict, they also do not allow hats so please no hats and if you can i suggest reservations Fri and Sat nights. It is a great place for a good night out so I hope you enjoy!!!

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Brooklyn Bridge- NYC Must See Historic Wonder

    Everyone has heard about the great Brooklyn Bridge, but not many people get to actually cross it or take pictures on it. Especially people that live in NY. If you really want to get the feel of NYC I would say cross the Brooklyn Bridge it is amazing!

    The Brooklyn Bridge was built from 1869-1883.
    The length of the Brooklyn Bridge main span is 1,597 ft.
    The designer of the Brooklyn Bridge was John Roebling who was a German born engineer.
    The Brooklyn Bridge was the first traffic route between Brooklyn and Manhattan, before that you had to take a ferry across the East River, imagine doing that in the winter.
    First Suspension bridge to use galvanized steel wire.
    One of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA and not to mention the nicest to look at in my opinion.
    Originally designed by John Roebling, but while conducting a survey before the construction actually began he was injured while surveying the site on a wharf, another boat hit the wharf crushing his foot and eventually died from tetanus. His son Washington Roebling continued, but his health was also in pretty bad shape  from working on the bridge at high atmospheric pressure.  This condition had little known about it at the time so many other bridge workers got sick also. Washington Roebling eventually became paralyzed and was only able to supervise with binoculars from his balcony. His wife Emily Roebling continued the project and oversaw all of the main operations and the completion of the bridge, she developed knowledge and learned from her husband and made it possible for us to see the bridge today.

    Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is a must do for any NYC visitor, let me tell you how, the nicer scene to see is walking back from Brooklyn into Manhattan.


    If you are in Manhattan and would like to get into Brooklyn from Manhattan to see the best vies take the A or C train to High Street- Brooklyn Bridge stop, go right on Pearl Street, left on Prospect Street onto to Washington Street. The underpass leads to a stairway to a ramp and there you go you are on the pedestrian walkway. Very easy to navigate and the best way to go, you'll end up in Downtown Manhattan where you can walk a few blocks to the South Street Seaport or take a cab back to where you would like to go.

    If you want to walk to Brooklyn from Manhattan you can take the 1, 2 or 3 train to Chambers Street and walk East from City Hall, cross the Park Row to begin the walk across the bridge. To get back you can walk back over the bridge or take the A or C train at High Street: Make a right onto Prospect Street from Washington Street, and then a left onto Pearl Street

    If you are already in Brooklyn and want to walk back from Manhattan take the 4, 5, 6, J, or Z train to Brooklyn Bridge/ City Hall.

    I hope you enjoy, where comfortable shoes, and truly enjoy this beautiful scenic and pleasurable adventure. Give yourself at least a few hours to complete.

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    Sunday, December 18, 2011

    King Cole Bar- Midtown

    For starters let me say it is at the ST. Regis so you know it is elegant! Its located on 2 East 55th street and 5th avenue and you can contact them at 1-212-753-4500.

    This place is home to the first Bloody Mary which is now named the Red Snapper ( their signature drink), which is a must for anyone who enjoys a good drink. if you are a cocktail person than this place is the place for you. relax at this dark and lavish bar while enjoying the famous Maxfield Parrish mural. Enjoy the chestnut lighting with good conversation aside this fantastic bar. While you are there make sure to try the Beer Nuts that are the best of the best.

    This place can get pretty busy so dont stop too long to enjoy the beautiful lobby of the hotel and if you plan on staying a while call before to secure a table. Have fun and thank me later.

    No shorts and No Sneakers after 5 pm and Hats are never permitted.

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    Watana-Thai Restaurant- Park Slope Brooklyn

    So today was my birthday (Dec 17th) and my wife decided to take me out. We went to this restaurant called Watana, the food was pretty good it was not expensive, but the service could have been a bit better. I am a service oriened type of person. If the service is poor and the food is great i will not return however if the service is great then is most likely that i will. Overal i do suggest if you have he time to check this place out.

    They serve Thai cuisine that is made pretty well, they also have fresh flowers and a dim light setting. The food is not expensive ( for both myself and my wife it was $52.00 including tip, double tax) and it has a really cool environment. I would suggest the Thai egg rolls with the chili and pepper sauce, it taste's really good.

    They are located on 420 7th avenue between 13th and 14th street in Brooklyn , but closer to 14th street. You can call them at 1-718-832-1611. You do not need reservations in order to dine at this restaurant.

    Central Park - Ins and Outs

    So everyone has heard of Central Park right? there has been a bunch of movies and shows filmed in it, but what everyone does not know is the magnitude of the park.

    For starters Central Park is about 843 acres of land big and has many different aspects to the park.

    You can take a ride on the Central Park Carousel, they have had it since the 1800's; It was powered by a blind horse and mule. how sad!  the ride is $2.00 a ride, children do have to pay unfortunately, it starts at 10:00am till about dusk during the winter and till 6:00pm during the summer. it is located about mid park just about 65th street and 6th avenue.

    I personally did the tour of Central Park myself with o tour guide, but if you'd like there are free walking tours available. if you go to the Central Park Conservancy they offer 10 different walks and they last about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.

    i have never done this personally, but you can always have a picnic at central park too! You can go to the Great Lawn to spread your blanket and lay your basket down or you can visit another popular location called Sheep Meadow. It is usually closed for the winter, but when the spring and summer get here is much fun! also they hold an annual 4th of July firewors show.

    You can also Row a Boat around the lake, go to Loeb Boathouse ( East 72nd St. & Park Drive North) and you can rent a boat there for $10.00 an hour, after the first hour you will be bill in 1/2 hour segments, keep in mind the boats can hold up to 4 people. They do require a $30.00 deposit though. they start that april 15th. theres also the Gondola Rides for $30.00 for a half hour, you need reservations for that. So call 1-212-517-2233 to make a reservation.

    there are also weekly concerts during the summer, usually on the Great Lawn or watch Sailboats on the Conservatory water on Central Parks's east side from E 72nd st to E 75th street.

    to name a few more fun thing you can, enjoy the free performances of Shakespeare in Central Park, or make it a point to see every statue/sculpture in the park including the Alice in Wonderland Sculpture or the Romeo and juliet  Sculpture, its up to you. Have fun and I hope you let me know how it went. not too far from the Great Lawn is the Turtle Pond with real turtles or/ and the Belvedere Castle. my personal favorite is the Belvedere Castle.

    I hope you enjoy and again please let me know how it went. 

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    Friday, December 16, 2011

    South Gate Restaurant

    This restaurant located at the Jumeirah Essex Hotel has been quoted as " Super on all fronts" and "Sleek". While it is a bit expensive ( $35.00-$60.00 pp) , you get your dollar worth. It is an upscale place so if you are looking to go out on a nice romantic date or just would like to try something fancy in the city, it is your place to go to. Their Chef Kerry Heffernan is also one in a million and really takes to art when preparing every dish.
    you could also visit this fine dining for a few drinks at the Bar/lounge thats open till 2am.

    Overll it is a great place that I suggest anyone go to for a nice dining experience.

    Hope you enjoy!!!

    Location: 154 Central Park S ( Between 6th and 7th avenue and 59th st)- You can call them for questions or  make reservations at 1-212-484-5120

    Lunch: Monday-Friday 11:45am - 2:00pm
    Brunch: Saturday-Sunday 11:30am - 2:00pm
    Dinner: Sunday-Thursday 5:30pm - 10:00pm
    Friday-Saturday 5:30pm - 10:30pm Tavern & Bar: Daily from 11:45am - 2:00am (Bar Menu available until 12am)

    If you are taking public transportation you can take several trains to get there : N or R to 57th St. or A, C, B, D to Columbus Circle. F to 57th and 6th. OR if you are driving you can use their parking lot.

    Copacabana- Nightclub

    This very famous nightclub in which many starrs and celebs have been to lives on. Although you have to be 25, this night club and restaurant can hold about 4,000 people. It has a glass- enclosed rooftop lounge that just calls out PARTY!.

    There is a very hispanic feel with glowing palm trees and fast rythmic hispanic music to shake your hips to, dont forget to bring comfortable shoes just in case the day you decide to go is  dancing Tues, Fri, or Sat

    Its located on w 47th St and 8th Avenue. 1-212-239-2672. you can call them to ask about upcoming events or  check them out on facebook

    Dave and Busters Times Square


    The Dave and Busters in Times square is really fun, plus they serve drinks and food! they are located at W 42nd between 7th and 8th ave on the 3rd floor- 1646- 495-2015. They offer 1/2 price cocktails and beer specials during happy hour Mon- Fri 4:30pm to 7:30pm, and on Wed's they offer half price games. you can also go to Ripleys gift shop and pick up a free $10 game play when you purchase a card with $10 on it! On the weekends it seems to be the place to go, but i do recall a ,minimal surchage of $5. You must be 21+ to enter or be with someone thats at leats 24+ just a tip.

    Have fun and i hoep this has helped!!!!

    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    Webster Hall ( Club/Lounge)

    Its been there forever and usually has radio stations hosting or at the property. Its a very popular place and its a guarantee for a fun and entertaining night.

    Its in the Village/ Downtown area located exactly at 123 East 11th Street
    New York, NY 10003 and you can call them at 1212- 353-1600.

    The bartenders make really good drinks and they are priced reasonably. Theres plenty of people that go there so get ready to dance, mingle and have a great time!!!

    Christmas Tree! At Rock- Center

    The tree to see in NYC at Rockefellar Center
    Its the thing to see during the Christmas Season
    The lights go off around 10pm

    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    The View Restaurant

    Located at the marriot Marquis hotel on 1535 Broadway  New York, NY 10036 . Theres hours of operation are limited,  Dinner: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 5:30pm - 9:45pm, Tuesday: 5:00pm - 9:45pm, Friday: 5:30pm -11:30pm, Saturday: 5:00pm - 11:15pm Sunday Brunch 10:30 - 1:45 , but this 360 degree rotaing restaurant, lounge and bar is a must go if you like one of a kind places.

    Although it is a bit pricey, it is worth it all the way. if its a special occasion or just an early night for drinks its a great place to go. I took my wife for valentines day and i really enjoyed it. Its a dim setting with great food and drinks to match!!! The View also has a great view of the city that really allows you to see the city for what its worth.

    They do take walk-ins so go ahead and walk-in or you can call and make a reservation  (212) 704-8900    ( plus the hotel has a cool complete glass elevator that shoots straight up to the restaurant)

    Ava Lounge at the penthouse of the Dream Hotel

    This is a nice relaxed rooftop bar which is def more on the sophisticated side ( not as wild as Johnny Utahs). They Serve great drinks and if the night is right their can be a great crowd. There is comfortable seating and has a really cool, chilled vibe to it. has a great view of the Hudson River to Times Square and is just begging for a great night out!!!

    Somwtimes there is special events or they do require reservations so i suggest you call ahead.

    The location and contact info is listed below so you should def check it out!!!

    210 West 55th Street
    New York
    (212) 956-7020

    Johnny Utahs! Great Fun Wild Bar

    if you want a fun, wild night then you want to go to Johnny Utahs! I havent seen too many like this, This is 1 of 2 places in NYC that have a mechanical bull :) thats right a bull!!! The drinks arent that expensive for nYC standards and its a great crowd. Its located on W 51 Between 5th and 6th Avenue.(25w 51st Street) On Weds its all you can drink for $30!! on weekends you want to get there around 9 or 10pm. Have fun and try not to forget the night.

    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Will post 5 different places to go this weekend later on tonight!!

    I'll be posting some cool places you can plan to go to this weekend later on tonight. Everyone always wants to have plans for the weekend so why not get some ideas!!! Hope everyone has a great day and happy mondayy

    Best Car Service in NYC

    There are plenty of car services in NYC, however the best by far is Deborah Car Service. They are very reliable, inexpensive, and are very helpful. I have use them for a couple of years and have always fulfilled their services. If you ever need to make a reservation you can call 1718-726-0600, JT is great!!!!

    Sunday, December 11, 2011

    Discover NYC Before getting Here

    On my Blog I will be suggestiing places to go to and things to do, even if you're out for a night out in NYC or a 7 day trip. I will be testing out places and letting you know the best places to go to depending on your liking. NYC is full of places to go to, but sometimes the bulk of places and options can be overwhelming and may confuse you. I will be visiting restaurants, land-marks, and places for entertaimnment.....Maybe even some lodging options :)

    Ive worked for Hotels in NYC for a few years and have some experience of my own. so stay up to date. Inform someone that you know that might be traveling to NYC and stay tuned...

    Thank you!!!