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Monday, December 19, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge- NYC Must See Historic Wonder

Everyone has heard about the great Brooklyn Bridge, but not many people get to actually cross it or take pictures on it. Especially people that live in NY. If you really want to get the feel of NYC I would say cross the Brooklyn Bridge it is amazing!

The Brooklyn Bridge was built from 1869-1883.
The length of the Brooklyn Bridge main span is 1,597 ft.
The designer of the Brooklyn Bridge was John Roebling who was a German born engineer.
The Brooklyn Bridge was the first traffic route between Brooklyn and Manhattan, before that you had to take a ferry across the East River, imagine doing that in the winter.
First Suspension bridge to use galvanized steel wire.
One of the oldest suspension bridges in the USA and not to mention the nicest to look at in my opinion.
Originally designed by John Roebling, but while conducting a survey before the construction actually began he was injured while surveying the site on a wharf, another boat hit the wharf crushing his foot and eventually died from tetanus. His son Washington Roebling continued, but his health was also in pretty bad shape  from working on the bridge at high atmospheric pressure.  This condition had little known about it at the time so many other bridge workers got sick also. Washington Roebling eventually became paralyzed and was only able to supervise with binoculars from his balcony. His wife Emily Roebling continued the project and oversaw all of the main operations and the completion of the bridge, she developed knowledge and learned from her husband and made it possible for us to see the bridge today.

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is a must do for any NYC visitor, let me tell you how, the nicer scene to see is walking back from Brooklyn into Manhattan.


If you are in Manhattan and would like to get into Brooklyn from Manhattan to see the best vies take the A or C train to High Street- Brooklyn Bridge stop, go right on Pearl Street, left on Prospect Street onto to Washington Street. The underpass leads to a stairway to a ramp and there you go you are on the pedestrian walkway. Very easy to navigate and the best way to go, you'll end up in Downtown Manhattan where you can walk a few blocks to the South Street Seaport or take a cab back to where you would like to go.

If you want to walk to Brooklyn from Manhattan you can take the 1, 2 or 3 train to Chambers Street and walk East from City Hall, cross the Park Row to begin the walk across the bridge. To get back you can walk back over the bridge or take the A or C train at High Street: Make a right onto Prospect Street from Washington Street, and then a left onto Pearl Street

If you are already in Brooklyn and want to walk back from Manhattan take the 4, 5, 6, J, or Z train to Brooklyn Bridge/ City Hall.

I hope you enjoy, where comfortable shoes, and truly enjoy this beautiful scenic and pleasurable adventure. Give yourself at least a few hours to complete.

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